Locarbio the Ketogenic Chatbot

Hey there,

You're going to use Locarbio, the ketogenic chatbot here. Note that:

  • His only role is telling you which food suits ketogenic diet and how much carbs does it have.
  • He does not have too much computing power behind him yet. Please don't bombard him with too frequent requests.
  • He is very young and does not know everything. Play around so he can learn.

I'm not a company or a team of developers to call it a public beta, but it's something of the sort. Please send your thoughts to me at: karen@locarb.org

Also note that Locarbio is made only for reference purposes. It's not a doctor and it does not replace professional assistance.

Don't forget to say Hi 🙂

Hopefully, it will be integrated into other platforms like Facebook Messenger or Google Assistant soon, so don't miss out when it's done.

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