About me

It always seemed like no big deal.

I just wanted my clothes to fit. To hear ‘You look just the same’ at alumni reunion. Feel healthy and fit. Look healthy and fit.

Exactly – ‘no big deal’. Is it ever worth the effort? Like, sure, supermodels are skinny and all, but they starve and spend half their life in a gym. No, thanks. I’m not getting paid for that.

And I got stuff to do. Job, kids, home stuff, fix the car, visit parents, do groceries, watch a movie.

Well, sometimes I would get myself together. I knew what to eat. Brown rice or buckwheat (popular over here), chicken breast, no sweets, whole-grain bread. And a grapefruit! They say it burns fat. Or speeds up metabolism. Or something.

An apple to work as a snack. And just eating less of everything.

I could last a week like this, if I was really determined. But then… Well, you know.

My weight would swing. I would lose some, then gain some. But more like slowly gain over time. No surprise, I’m not getting younger.

But then it all changed

Before you ask, full disclosure: I am not a shirtless-mirror-selfie kind of guy. I don’t take pictures of myself too often. But here are some that I found to give you an impression.

Karen Sarkisyan face
That’s me. And that’s me, later.

Or here, standing upright (sort of).

Karen Sarkisyan standing

So what happened, apart from the change in a haircut?

I’ve lost about 39 pounds, most of them in the first 3 months. I didn’t even know I had them. I thought about losing maybe 10…

And I can’t even imagine this weight coming back. No more swinging. Even though I still eat doughnuts and pizza time after time. But that takes practice.

There’s no secret. It’s a ketogenic diet. Right, no whole-grain bread and grapefruit stuff, just delicious fatty food.

I won’t write any theory here, you can find more than you can handle on other amazing websites. Check resources page.

However, I have something you’ll like. It will make keto a lot easier for you. Visit main page to find my friend, locarbio.

Karen “It’s a Man’s Name” Sarkisyan.

I have a rocket scientist degree, and I am a professional finance manager. I’m from Russia. Occasionally I help people stop trying and actually lose weight.